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October, 2014


Six weeks couples Sunday school class starts Sunday, October 5th from 9:00-10:15 AM.

 Church Family Night, Wednesday, October 8; speaker from the Women∙s New Life Center

 Skeeter Run, Saturday, October 11,  across the lake at Newell UMC in Old Mandeville

 Discipleship Plus will meet on Sunday, October 12th and Monday, October 13th

 Prayer Walk, Tuesday, October 14, 10:30-11:30 AM.-        

 Fishing Rodeo at Grand Isle: Friday, October 17th-Saturday, October 18 (fund-raiser for Methodist Children's Home across the lake).

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A Word from Woody. . .

"Interview with Leaders in a Pro-life Ministry "

The statistics are alarming. In the U.S. alone there are 1.3 million abortions per year on average. That means since 1973 when abortion became legal, our society has lost the chance to know 53,300,000 people. Of this shocking number, 90% of the abortions were for reasons other than rape, incest, and health of the mother. Who will address this atrocity?
          Praise God for the Woman’s New Life Center. This pro-life outreach is strategically located in Metairie next door to a private abortion provider. I had the chance to interview two women who work at the Center, the Lead Therapist Elizabeth Wilson, LCSW, and the Associate Director Shannon Eaton, RN.
How long have you been with the Center?

Elizabeth: I have been here since 2008, so about 6 years.
Shannon: I’ve been here since 2009.

What got you started in the pro-life position?

E: I’ve always been pro-life, even in graduate school I knew it would be matched with something to a greater purpose. I practiced social work in secular settings and Catholic Charities. Then I connected with someone at a fund raiser—Susan, the founder of Woman’s New Life Center-- and then I was asked if I would consider being a counselor. I love the approach—based on reaching out to the woman, not just the pregnancy, but issues surrounding the pregnancy. It is important to me that we are walking with women down this path of suffering and trauma, and not here to say, “Whatever works to make you happy”.  A pregnant woman who comes to us is grasping for relief, so we try to reach her to where she does not make a decision in a state of crisis.
S: I always thought abortion was wrong. I was praying in front of an abortion provider with my church, and I met Susan. I liked the Creighton Model System—a method of fertility awareness, then I was a nurse here and then Associate Director.

Tell me about your faith.

E: I attend St. Ann’s Church in Metairie—born and raised Catholic. 
S: I’m Catholic.

What is the situation with abortion in the U.S. at this time?

E: I would almost equate it to contraception. It used to be that having sex and a baby were synonymous. But now sex is divorced from an openness to life. If the contraceptives fail, now a decision [for abortion] is available that previously they would not have considered. Almost half of all abortions are with African-American women, and they are about 10% of the American population.
S:  It is shocking the number of women who come in here. We ask what their plans had been to prevent pregnancy, and they weren’t using contraception. If abortion were not legal, I’m sure the women would be more aware of using contraception.

What is the situation with abortion in the New Orleans area at this time?

S: Pray for the troubling situation with the proposed Planned Parenthood clinic on Napleon Ave. and Claiborne—17,000 sq. feet. Thankfully, the state has passed a law saying the doctors have to have admitting privileges.  We need to teach our children to value life, especially with the culture of violence in New Orleans.
E: Unfortunately, a judge has allowed a stay with pending applications [for admitting privileges]. This is a culture of violence with permission.

What does the New Life Women’s Center do?

E: The counselor greets them, engages with the woman to identify her needs.  If she is looking for an abortion, we say in a compassionate way we don’t refer for abortions but tell them what our services are, offered at no charge.  We are very person-to-person, not forcing them to watch a film on abortion, etc. They have the freedom to chose what they think is best. We do a little assessment to understand what they are going through, reflective listening, empathy, and can branch out to counseling methods.  Sometimes it is a crisis, so we are trying to get them to place of calm. We tell them they are in a safe place. We inform them of their options based on their values. We offer a free ultra sound if they meet the medical criteria. We are never condemning and never condoning. We reach out to women and men. We also counsel on the phone, people we may never see. 

Elizabeth, what message do girls need to hear today about abortion?

E: Look at the definition of abortion—the actual procedure. What is the purpose of it? Look at it as whether it is morally right or wrong. I go back to basics of right and wrong. You need to look at it for the wrong of what it is, not at the complicated life situation where the pregnancy is. Can you ever imagine that you would end a person’s heartbeat?

What message do women need to hear today about abortion?

E: To be able to see your value and the dignity that you have. Hopefully your value is strong enough, and fortified by those around you, and thus you would value your own child. Pay attention to your voice—not the voice of fear or condemnation, but the voice of your conscience.

What message do men need to hear today about abortion?

 E: It is difficult to see the pain of women and men. A lot of times men get away from their protective nature with women. Women can become for them a utility and thus they end up treating themselves as a utility and to de-value their manhood. Abortion hurts men too, especially later. A lot of time it is traumatizing for them afterward. There was once here a young man and woman, and they differed on the decision of the pregnancy. She wanted to keep it and he did not. He was coming from wounded place that started from childhood. You could see the coping mechanisms he used. He was super controlling and he wanted to avoid the possibility of basically passing on to his offspring what he went through. He didn’t want to pass on his own experience. At times a man can be unable to provide for the woman and the child. It is so painful to see someone in that situation, and he had no one to talk to – no father-type figure. Hopefully the pregnancy is an awakening to no longer do further harm. The choice for life makes the pregnancy and the life of their child meaningful.
I would like to thank Elizabeth and Shannon for the taking the time to share their insights, and especially for the important work they are doing. Let’s keep the Woman’s New Life Center in our prayers. I encourage you to come to our Church Family Night on October 8th where we’ll learn more from a representative from the Center about their outreach.
Yours in the Lord of Life,


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