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July, 2014

Vacation Bible School: Jungle Safari, July 21-25, 6:00-8:30 PM. Click here to register or to sign up to volunteer.
Come help with VBS setup: Saturday, July 19, 10:00 AM- 12:00 noon.
VBS Celebration Luncheon and Waterslide, Sunday, July 27 after worship.

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A Word from Woody. . .

"My Youth Mission Trip Diary"


We had a great youth mission trip last month. Here are some of my daily reflections from the trip.

Sunday, June 15: Leaving on a youth trip is exciting and hard at the same time. This time the hard part came in that we left on Father’s Day—it’s not easy to take youth away from their Dads on such an important day. After church we had a delicious jambalaya lunch provided by Tim Meche, and then we loaded the three vehicles and headed off for Birmingham, AL. There are 18 of us—three adults (myself, Elena, and her sister Patricia Hallberg) and 15 students. We arrive at the hotel, generously provided by Guy and Patricia Hallberg, and enjoyed a delicious meal at Taco Bell!

Monday, June 16: We leave for Nashville, TN, and arrive a little after 3:00 PM for our MFuge mission trip stationed at Belmont University. We are to stay in the dorms at Belmont University and go out from there daily to reach out to others. After eating supper, worship, and small groups, we are exhausted as our heads hit the pillows!

Tuesday, June 17: Our first full day at the mission camp. Our students are broken up into various work groups. Most of these groups are “sports and recreation”, where we hang out with kids in recreation centers, which are often in needy areas. We have neat opportunities to share the gospel as we build relationships. A couple of our students (Emily Hingle and Ian Marx) are in a mission group that reaches out to those with Down Syndrome. The theme for the day was “Be His”, and we talked in our church group meeting tonight about truly being His—and five students in our group raised their hands to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior! Later at night our students participate in an outdoor exercise where they pretend they are the persecuted church where they are trying to find other Christian churches and avoid the “authorities”—a meaningful exercise, given the persecuted church in such countries as Iran and China.

Wednesday, June 18: Today’s them is “Be Last”—i.e., being humble servants of the Lord, as Jesus was, as seen in Philippians 2:3-11. We had a good second full day at MFuge—morning worship, followed by small groups, then from basically 10:00 AM to 2:45 PM we go to our work sites. Then we had free time, and were allowed to go out to see the city of Nashville and have supper downtown. We went to a restaurant called “Jack’s Bar-B-Que” and had a great meal—many thanks for the donation of Charlotte and Sanjiv Chauhan through Country Inn and Suites in Covington which made that meal possible! One of our youth—Louis Dewenter—celebrated his 13th birthday today, and we sang to him at the restaurant. We got back to MFuge in time for evening worship and a good sermon on being the Lord’s servants, and then we broke up into our church small group.

Thursday, June 19: Today’s them is “Be Last”, and it was a great day of learning just that as Christians. The messages and devotional for the day were geared toward that, and we had good service opportunities. The day ended great with our church group time, where we met from 8:00-9:15 PM. Everyone shared something for which we were thankful that day. Many of the students shared how they played and connected with children or other youth in the games and recreation outreach. We also discussed the awesome message we had tonight from the camp speaker Tim. He shared how God can use us despite our weaknesses—that Christ has given us each gifts to use for His glory. Tim was an art school dropout, had tried to commit suicide, and had struggles with drinking. Then he came to Christ, finished his art degree, and is involved in ministry fulltime. And he struggles with leukemia. Despite it all, he simply asks God to use his life for His glory. He then painted a gorgeous 6 ½ by 6 ½ foot portrait of Jesus on the cross before our very eyes. The truth of his message and witness touched us and moved us profoundly.

Friday, July 20: This was our last day of outreach. After morning worship and small groups we head out to our work sites, and got back in the afternoon for free time and supper. At worship Pastor Tim gave a poignant illustration of a test with a monkey. The monkey could reach his hand through a small hole and grab an orange, but while he grabbed the orange he could not bring it to himself through the small hole! This is what sin is like—it offers us something enticing which can never fulfill us and will hold us in bondage. Just as the monkey must drop the orange to be free, so we must drop sin to be free. How true!

Saturday, June 21: We leave camp at about 10:30 AM and arrive back in New Orleans at 9:10 PM—tired, but with happy hearts from being with the Lord and each other!
Thank you for your prayers for the youth trip. Please keep us in your prayers as we try to apply what we have learned for Jesus’ glory!

Yours in Christ,