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November, 2014

Advent Book devotionals officially due Wednesday, November 5!

Discipleship Plus meets Sunday, November 2, from 12:00-1:30 PM and Monday, November 3rd from 6:30-8:00 PM

Church Family Night, Wednesday, November 5,  Thanksgiving turkey dinner; speaker Michelle Beadle on "Christian Palestinianism". 5:30 PM-7:30 PM.

Youth Event: Sunday, November 9th bowling at AMF All Star Lanes 3:15 PM 5:30 PM

Prayer Walk, Tuesday, November 11, 10:30-11:30 AM.

Lake Vista UMC Celebrates Thanksgiving, Sunday, November 23rd with a Thanksgiving meal after worship! Help put up Christmas Decorations after lunch.

Sunday, November 30th the AngelFish Tree will go up!

Our Pastor

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A Word from Woody. . .

"Interview with Rev. Dave Carlton "

Three dates in the last decade will live in infamy for Buras, Louisiana. There’s August 29, 2005 for Hurricane Katrina, and April 20, 2010 for the BP Gulf oil spill, and August 29, 2012 for Hurricane Isaac. These disasters have meant terrible consequences for the economy and families of the Buras area. Since Christmas, 2010 we have teamed with Buras’ Trinity UMC to reach out to the children of needy families through a special ministry called AngelFish (please see article inside, p. 3). I had the chance recently to talk to the pastor of Trinity UMC, Rev. Dave Carlton.


Lake Vista UMC Lighthouse: How long have you been the pastor of Trinity UMC?

Rev. Dave Carlton: Seven years, and I plan to retire next year.

Lighthouse: You’ve been there through a lot of experiences

Rev. Dave: I’ve been there for hurricanes, oil spills, insurance crises, and the rebuilding process after Katrina. We rebuilt the church after Katrina, and then Isaac came around and took our roof off! Oddly enough, after Isaac hit, mission teams from all over the country who helped us build after Katrina were calling me wanting to know when they could come and rebuild again. So now we are up and running pretty much now. We are a resilient people down here!  Of course my message to them since I’ve been here is a message of hope.

Lighthouse:  What are some of the ministry needs down there?

Rev. Dave: Where do you want me to start? Youth ministry is a big area of need. I am working with a woman in the church to reach out to youth. VBS is a big need for the children, because there is nothing for children to do here during the summer. We tried to build a sports area for volleyball and basketball, but the costs prevented us from building a basketball court—but we have a green volleyball court! 

Lighthouse: What about family needs?

Rev. Dave: Lots of prayer and spiritual guidance are needed. In fact tomorrow [on Sunday] I’m doing a service of the anointing of the Holy Spirit and we are going to anoint people. People have a broad concept of what Christianity is about, but not much on United Methodism—a lot of Catholicism is down here. I was impressed—the other Sunday I was preaching and I noticed that half the congregation was writing notes! One of our struggles is the music ministry—we need someone to play piano or guitar. Some of our other musicians have had some difficult times in their lives. We do have some other musicians, and it’s interesting that despite this shortage of players we find worship is really good right now!

Lighthouse: The Buras area has been through a lot of difficulties. How do you handle crises as a pastor—where do you go for personal renewal?

Rev. Dave: I go out on the water fishing-- get away from telephones. Also, the hour and half drive it takes to go to the city is down-time for me. My last vacation was a stay-cation. I went out fishing and worked on some things at the house. My laptop computer Lake Vista UMC got me has been a great blessing— I get to talk to lots of people through that! My personal times with God are key through the down times, the quiet times. When I get out on the boat and feel that gentle breeze, I can sense it is like the arms of God on me saying, “Everything is going to be good”.

Lighthouse: Tell me about the Christmas ministry there.

Rev. Dave: Up until Katrina, Trinity UMC performed a Christmas Cantata in Buras’ civic center. After Katrina they wanted to start it back up. So we put on one every year now—for about the fifth year in a row we have been doing that. But not all the children knew the Christmas carols—like “Silent Night” and “Away in the Manger”—but they knew “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”! So I think we have some more work to do in the world today!

Lighthouse: We have been doing AngelFish with y’all for about four years, and this will be the fifth year. Is there still a need for it?

Rev. Dave: Yes! Rebuilding happens down here, but it is real slow. Government regulations, lack of supplies, lack of workers—all these things make the rebuilding go slowly. So there are a lot of families with a lot of different kind of needs. Some of them are financial needs, others are getting past pride to seek help from counselors or financial advisors, and so on. People here talk about how much AngelFish means to them --it gives the people hope. It gives them hope that people still care about them. 


And indeed we do care! Let’s keep the wonderful people of Plaquemines Parish in our prayers, and ask the Lord to bless our outreach to them through this year’s AngelFish ministry!



Yours in the Lord of Life,


Woody Walks the Talk